LG Polls: Bashorun Dare Owotomobi calls for Equal representation …Says Ayetoro is Marginalized..

In the midst of Ekiti State’s local government elections, Bashorun Dare Owotomobi has emerged as a resolute advocate for Ayetoro-Ekiti’s quest for equitable democracy dividends. Owotomobi’s fervent call to action echoes across the region, as he rallies for Ayetoro-Ekiti’s inclusion among communities set to benefit from democratic practices within the state.


With his unwavering dedication, Owotomobi has firmly positioned himself as a formidable voice in the battle to secure Ayetoro-Ekiti’s rightful place in the democratic landscape. His impassioned advocacy seeks to dismantle the long-standing barriers that have marginalized this vibrant community for far too long.

In this struggle, Owotomobi’s efforts stand as a beacon of hope, illuminating the aspirations of Ayetoro’s residents. They yearn for a fair and just representation, a chance to break free from political disenfranchisement, and a shot at enjoying the true fruits of democracy.


As the local elections unfold, Bashorun Dare Owotomobi’s unwavering commitment remains steadfast, and Ayetoro-Ekiti’s fight for equal democracy dividends gains momentum, bringing to the forefront the critical importance of fairness and inclusivity in democratic processes.

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