Ekiti State’s Strategic Security Approach Earns National Recognition Rtd Brigadier General Ogundana Honoured with “Service Ambassador” Award


In recognition of his significant contributions to the security of Ekiti State, the Special Adviser on Security Matters to Governor Biodun Oyebanji, Retired Brigadier General Ebenezer Ogundana, has been honoured with the “Service Ambassador” award by the Center for Peace and Self Value Reorientation, an NGO based in Abuja.


The accolade was presented at a ceremony in Ado Ekiti, where General Ogundana’s dedication to the state’s security reforms, ethical conduct, and efforts in community peacebuilding and conflict resolution were lauded for achieving a peaceful environment

Other qualities high-scored for the honour included his display of ethical leadership, development policy performance, obedience to rules of law, service compliance, youth/women empowerment and attitude against corruption.

The National Coordinator and Executive Director of the Center for Peace and Self-Value Reorientation, Mr Oyibo Abubakar, commended General Ogundana’s role in establishing a robust security framework in Ekiti, contrasting the state’s tranquillity with the prevalent insecurity in other regions.

“During our field assessment exercise across the nation, we have discovered with dismay a high level of corruption, maladministration and moral bankruptcy of political and public servants, more so, the killings and destructions of lives and properties, looking at the sectarian crises in north-east, the OPC agitation in the west, the militancy agitation in Niger Delta, Destruction of lives and properties by the dreaded Boko Haram insurgency in which women and children are most vulnerable, high rate of kidnapping most especially south-east Nigeria the use and dump of our youths as political thugs.

“We have taken our destiny in our hands to henceforth say no to corruption and bad practices that are inimical to our existence as people with a common destiny. We don’t visit any government institutions without focus and we condemn any leader that has no respect for the rule of law, the youth and the poor masses, we are resolute, determined and sincerely committed to the ideal of democracy, good governance and servant leadership concept in our country.

“Our visits to any political or public office holder shows how corrupt free such person might be. We therefore congratulate you on this faithful day of your life”.

He highlighted Ekiti’s status as the most peaceful in the South West, attributing it to the strategic security measures and Governor Oyebanji’s responsive governance.

Mr Abubakar pointed out that the award is aimed at motivating General Ogundana to further his work and inspire the state government to continue implementing beneficial and community-focused initiatives.

Expressing gratitude, General Ogundana dedicated the award to Governor Oyebanji, all security forces, and the people of Ekiti, acknowledging their collective efforts in crime reduction.

He stressed the vital role of security in societal development and called for continued vigilance and information sharing from the people to combat insecurity and ensure peaceful co-existence.

Retired Brigadier General Ogundana specifically extended special thanks to Governor Oyebanji for his support, which has significantly contributed to his success in the role.

The event was attended by representatives from the state’s Amotekun and Peace Corps, among other key stakeholders.

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