Ekiti State Government has reiterated it’s commitment to advocates for Cultural Values and reorientation of the citizens in Collaboration with relevant stakeholders in the State.

The Director General of the Ekiti State Bureau of Civic Orientation and Citizenship,(BCOC) Mrs. Olawumi Famuyiwa, made this known during a significant advocacy visit to the Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Aribasoye Adeoye.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss collaborative efforts in sensitizing the people of the state about their cultural values and norms, with a specific emphasis on respect for elders and a shift away from a dependency mindset and the “get rich quick” syndrome among the youth.

During the meeting, Mrs. Famuyiwa expressed her intention to collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including the Ekiti State House of Assembly, to bring about positive change in the attitude of the youth.She emphasized the importance of promoting cultural values that Ekiti State is known for, such as respect for elders, strong work ethic, and community collaboration.

Mrs. Famuyiwa highlighted the need to address the prevailing mentality among the youth, which often leads to a dependency on others and a desire for instant wealth. She stressed the importance of instilling values of self-reliance, perseverance, and patience, encouraging the youth to pursue sustainable paths to success.

In response, Rt. Hon. Aribasoye Adeoye expressed his support for the collaboration and emphasized the significance of Ekiti State reclaiming its cultural identity.

He emphasized the need to shun mental colonialism and embrace the rich cultural heritage that defines the state.

The Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly highlighted the importance of reorienting legislative members towards promoting and preserving cultural values. He emphasized the need for a collective effort to deconstruct certain negative elements in society, including ethno-chauvinism, and to rejuvenate traditions such as moonlight tales, which play a significant role in cultural preservation.

The duo agreed that a comprehensive reorientation campaign was necessary to address the challenges facing the state’s cultural values and norms. They recognized the significance of collaboration between the Ekiti State Bureau of Civic Orientation and Citizenship and the Ekiti State House of Assembly in achieving this goal.

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