Medical Maverick, Prof. Dayo Faduyile Launches Bold Bid for Ondo Governorship, Vows Total Transformation 

Renowned medical practitioner and former head of the National Medical Association (NMA), Prof Dayo Faduyile, has officially declared his intention to run for governorship in Ondo State.


In a compelling speech delivered to the citizens, Faduyile outlined his vision for a revamped state focusing on health, education, infrastructure, renewable energy, tourism, agriculture, technology, and security.

During his tenure leading the NMA and as the Special Adviser on Health to the Ondo State Governor, Faduyile emphasized his dedication to serving humanity and ensuring the well-being of the people. He highlighted the widening gap between the affluent and the disadvantaged due to unfriendly policies, emphasizing the need for inclusive governance that benefits all citizens.


Faduyile’s agenda for Ondo State included urgent revamping of the health system, aggressive reforms in education, modernization of infrastructure, exploration of renewable energy sources, promotion of tourism and blue economy, empowerment of youth in technology, mechanized farming, and upgrading of security infrastructure.


As he seeks to become the next governor, Faduyile promises to be a dedicated, compassionate, intelligent, prudent, and trustworthy leader. He pledged to address the diverse needs of Ondo’s communities, from the coastal areas to the hinterlands, ensuring every citizen’s voice is heard and their concerns addressed.


Faduyile called on the people of Ondo State to join him in the transformative journey, urging them to actively participate in his campaign by volunteering, donating, and spreading the message of change.

Prof.Faduyile emphasized that the campaign is about the collective effort of the people and envisioned a modern Ondo where every individual can aspire to achieve their dreams.

To engage with the campaign and contribute to the vision for a renewed Ondo State, he urged that citizens should visit the official website at and follow the campaign’s social media accounts.

Faduyile expressed gratitude for the support and pledged to work tirelessly to fulfill the aspirations of the people.

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