Ekiti Local Government Election Garners Praise for Peaceful Conduct, Advocacy Group Identifies Areas for Improvement

In a press statement signed by the Programme Officers, the Nigerian Human Rights Community (NIHRCO) commended the people and government of Ekiti State for the peaceful conduct of the Local Government election held on Saturday. Monitoring the election in 177 wards, the coalition of 135 civil society and community-based groups lauded the quality of leadership demonstrated during the election.

The observers during the election.

The NIHRCO highlighted the peaceful nature of the election, devoid of violence and rigging, emphasizing that the outcome truly reflected the freewill of the voters. In a call to action, the coalition urged state governments yet to conduct Local Government elections to do so, emphasizing the essential role of local government administration in democracy and development.

While acknowledging that the Local Government election was not flawless, the NIHRCO emphasized its significance in building a sustainable democratic culture in Nigeria. The group called on the National Assembly to create special intervention funds to assist State Electoral Commissions, paralleling the support given to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) by the Federal Government.

Commending the Ekiti State Independent Electoral Commission (EKSIEC) for efficient administration, the coalition praised the early arrival of materials and the almost zero-hitch process. However, it pointed out the need for more polling units in Ekiti due to the growing population and new settlements not previously covered by electoral bodies.


The NIHRCO emphasized the importance of monitoring local government elections, asserting that third-party opinions are crucial to understanding their impact on the future of democracy in Nigeria. It urged other state governments to follow Ekiti’s example and conduct local government elections to deepen democracy and strengthen governance at the grassroots level.

In its call for improvement, the coalition advocated for the deployment of the Bimodal Voters Accreditation System (BVAS) in local elections, emphasizing the need for collaboration between the National Assembly, INEC, and State Independent Electoral Commissions (SIECs). The NIHRCO suggested that using BVAS in local government elections would enhance popular participation and ensure real-time transmission of results, taking these elections to a higher level.

The group concluded by commending Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s non-violence campaign, asserting that a deliberate policy of non-violence by state actors is essential for sustainable development. Encouraging Nigerian citizens to show interest in local government elections, the NIHRCO emphasized that getting it right at the local government level would pave the way for credible national elections.

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