Vicar Urges Preparation for Christ’s Second Coming Amid Nigeria’s Challenges

In his homily, Reverend Dr. Toluwa Oniya, the Vicar of Amazing Grace Anglican Church Ilokun in Ado Ekiti, has called on Christians to turn to God in repentance and prepare for the imminent second coming of Jesus Christ. During Sunday’s Church Service, Reverend Oniya passionately emphasized the urgency of the approaching event, urging both Christians and Nigerians to forsake old ways of life and embrace faith.


Under the theme “the Harvest of Saint and Sinner,” the Cleric underscored that the judgment day will distinguish the righteous from the sinners. He conveyed a profound message, stating, “Jesus himself will come down and present justice; people should be upright so that they can have a share in the new kingdom. The new world will be a peaceful one when Jesus Christ comes. It is not good for anyone to miss the second coming of Christ, as that is where we will spend our eternal life.”


Reverend Oniya, extending his spiritual guidance, also addressed the current challenges facing Nigeria. While acknowledging the prevalent disappointment and hardships, he implored Nigerians to maintain hope in God for a better nation, emphasizing that challenges are surmountable through trust in divine providence.

“Many people are disappointed at the turn of events in the country, especially the high cost of goods and services, but we must all believe that hope is not lost. We must be optimistic and trust God for a better Nigeria,” he declared.


Reverend Oniya expressed optimism for a better Nigeria and called on leaders to fulfill the trust placed in them by the masses. Encouraging Nigerians to be agents of positive change, he stressed the importance of remaining steadfast and prayerful, urging Christians to live with the consciousness of heaven and be prepared for the uncertainties of the future. In his parting words, he resonated the reminder, “Live as if today were your last day; no one could say what could happen in the next minute.”

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