Ekiti State Governor Warns Fuel Stations Against Hoarding, Vows Strict Action

The Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, has issued a stern warning to filling station owners in the state engaged in the unethical practice of hoarding petroleum products, causing unnecessary hardships for the public.


In a public service announcement, the Governor emphasized the need for transparency and adherence to recommended pump prices for fuel. To enforce this, he has directed the State Task Force on Petroleum Products to ensure that every filling station with available fuel sells it to the public at the appropriate rate.


Governor Oyebanji also issued a clear message to those who engage in hoarding fuel, stating that any filling station found guilty of this practice will face severe sanctions. These penalties may include hefty fines or the sealing of the business premises.


The Governor’s firm stance underscores his commitment to curbing fuel hoarding and ensuring that the people of Ekiti State have access to essential petroleum products without undue hardships

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