Commissioner for Rural and Community Development,Awe Vows to Prioritize Grassroots Needs in Ekiti State.

In a recent development, Hon. Oluwafemi Awe-FEMTEX has been appointed as the Commissioner for Rural and Community Development in Ekiti State by Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji. With a reputation that aligns seamlessly with the demands of the role, hon. Awe-FEMTEX is poised to spearhead initiatives aimed at bolstering rural and community growth.


Governor Oyebanji’s meticulous approach to the selection process is evident, as hon Awe-FEMTEX’s suitability for the position was carefully scrutinized before his appointment.

As the newly appointed commissioner,Hon.Oluwafemit Awe-FEMTEX is expected to focus on identifying and addressing the unique needs of residents in rural areas, while placing an emphasis on developmental projects that will uplift these communities.

Responding to this appointment, Commissioner Awe-FEMTEX expressed gratitude for the confidence Governor Oyebanji and the people of Ekiti State have placed in him.

He pledged an unwavering commitment to serving the community, affirming that his dedication to their well-being will remain steadfast.

Hon.Oluwafemi Awe-FEMTEX further disclosed plans to maintain an open-door policy, actively engaging with the public to gather their input, opinions, and requests.

The rural and community Commissioner,hon.Oluwafemi Awe-FEMTEX drew parallels between his own grassroots origins and the governor’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by local residents.

He stated his intention to mirror Governor Oyebanji’s approach in finding pragmatic solutions to these challenges.

He firmly asserted his alignment with the governor’s six-point agenda, which will serve as his guiding principles throughout his tenure.

With Hon. Oluwafemi Awe-FEMTEX at the helm of the Rural and Community Development portfolio, Ekiti State anticipates a period of progressive change that caters to the unique requirements of its rural populace.

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