... Obafemi Awolowo Civic Center, Ado-Ekiti welcomes Jara supermart.

In an exciting development for residents of Ado Ekiti, Jara Supermart has made its grand entrance, domiciled in the Obafemi Awolowo Civic Center Ado-Ekiti,promising a fusion of quality and affordability in the retail space. The Head of Operations at Jara, Mr. Olufemi Oke, expressed the brand’s commitment to delivering value to the Ekiti populace, highlighting the government’s warm reception and their determination to align with Ekiti State’s agenda.

Mr. Oke proudly introduced Jara as Nigeria’s pioneering discount store, with a nationwide presence and a strong reputation for economical offerings. Jara has chosen Ekiti State as its nexte destination to extend its array of services and products, marking a significant milestone. Jara’s uniqueness lies in its ability to provide cost-effective goods without compromising quality, ensuring customers receive true value for their money.

In alignment with Ekiti State Governor Mr. Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji’s vision of minimizing capital flight, Mr. Oke emphasized that 80% of Jara’s workforce is composed of Ekiti locals. He lauded Governor Oyebanji’s dedication to shared prosperity and revealed the collaborative spirit that makes this venture mutually beneficial.

Head of Human Resources at Jara, Ramat Sadiq, divulged the secret behind Jara’s affordability, attributing it to their low-cost business model. By adhering to this strategy, Jara maintains its high standards while offering customers competitive prices. Sadiq also highlighted the extensive Ekiti representation within Jara’s staff, emphasizing their alignment with the Governor’s shared prosperity agenda.

Sadiq outlined the diverse segments within Jara, spanning operations, ICT, HR, commercial, and home production. She assured prospective customers that Jara places a premium on security, having enlisted one of the nation’s top security outfits to safeguard shoppers, their families, and vehicles.

Jara’s reputation precedes it, with its existing branches testifying to the brand’s commitment to excellence. Offering quality goods, reasonable prices, a wide variety of products, and a range of discounts, Jara aims to make shopping an enriching experience. Customers can look forward to weekly and weekend promotions as incentives for their loyalty.


Head of Commercial at Jara, Mr. Oluwaseun Bakare, underscored the brand’s dedication to Governor Oyebanji’s call for local content and prosperity for all. Bakare highlighted Jara’s partnerships with local producers, who hold NAFDAC approval and undergo rigorous health and quality assessments. By supporting local producers, Jara not only contributes to the state’s economy but also maintains high standards.

Jara Supermart’s entry into Ado Ekiti promises an exciting shopping experience, embodying the values of affordability, quality, and community empowerment. With its commitment to local engagement and shared prosperity, Jara stands as a beacon of hope for Ekiti State’s economic growth and development.

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