Human Capital Development: Ajoni LCDA Empowers 150 Residents, Igniting Real Progress. 

In a transformative stride towards genuine progress, Prince Michael Ogungbemi, the Chairman of Ajoni Local Council Development Area (LCDA) in Ayedun Ekiti, underscores the pivotal role of human capital development. As part of a concerted effort aligned with Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji’s 6-point agenda, Ogungbemi emboldened 150 local residents with essential skills, fostering self-reliance and propelling developmental momentum.

Chairman AJONI LCDA Prince Micheal Ogungbemi.

Speaking exclusively to JirolTV at a grand graduation ceremony held at the Governor’s office in Ado Ekiti, Ogungbemi expressed his conviction that true development materializes when individuals are equipped with the requisite skills for personal growth and advancement. He emphasized that community development is a shared responsibility, urging all stakeholders to actively participate and not solely rely on government intervention.

The successful culmination of this endeavor was made possible through a fruitful partnership with Interweave Solutions International, a distinguished non-governmental organization headquartered in the United States of America. Over a dedicated period of three months, the organization rigorously trained the graduates in a spectrum of business acumen, encompassing business proposal drafting, meticulous bookkeeping, artful product packaging, and effective advertising techniques, among other vital developmental skills.

From left, team lead interweave solutions international Mr Dean Curtis and chairman AJONI LCDA Prince Micheal Ogungbemi, during the presention of wards .

Prince Ogungbemi attributed his profound motivation for this initiative to his unwavering commitment to uplift market traders, small and medium-scale entrepreneurs (SMEs), and youthful visionaries from the shackles of poverty to the realm of prosperity. In a resounding call to action, he encouraged the graduates not to perceive the conclusion of their training as an endpoint, but rather as a fresh beginning. Furthermore, he assured continuous governmental support in fostering global connections and facilitating opportunities for Ajoni LCDA, engaging international communities, sponsors, and donor agencies to alleviate the pervasive grassroots poverty.

Team lead of interweave solutions international Mr Dean Curtis.

Mr. Dean Curtis, the Team Lead of Interweave Solutions International, lauded Prince Ogungbemi for embracing the organization’s mission and extolled the participants for their unwavering dedication during the intensive three-month training period. Reflecting on the organization’s ethos, Curtis highlighted that Interweave Solutions International has designed comprehensive self-reliance training modules, imparting meaningful change in over 74 countries worldwide. Nigeria stood at the forefront of this endeavor, boasting an impressive roster of more than 50,000 Master of Business of the Street (MBS) certified graduates across 27 states.

Having successfully completed the program, the graduates are now equipped to access a revolving grant and pursue further advancements. Radiating joy and gratitude, the participants commended the local government chairman’s visionary move and expressed heartfelt appreciation to the facilitators for their unwavering commitment throughout the enriching three-month training.


The event reached its pinnacle with the bestowal of awards of recognition upon LCDA Chair Prince Michael Ogungbemi, acknowledging his role as an MBS facilitator, alongside a selection of dedicated MBS trainers.

A sample of the certificate of completion presented to participants.

The ceremony culminated with the presentation of certificates of completion to the proud graduates, symbolizing their triumphant journey towards self-reliance and sustainable prosperity.

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