Ekiti State Government Unveils Palliative Measures to Mitigate Fuel Subsidy Removal Impact.

... ten thousand households to benefit from gesture.

In response to the removal of fuel subsidies, the Ekiti state government has introduced a series of palliative measures aimed at alleviating the resulting challenges faced by state workers.

Speaking at a press briefing in Ado Ekiti, Mr. Akin Oyebode, Chairman of the Palliative Committee and Commissioner for Finance, revealed that these measures were the culmination of exhaustive consultations and deliberations within the committee.


Mr. Oyebode highlighted that Governor Biodun Oyebanji has authorized the immediate disbursement of a one-year leave bonus for both state and Local Government workers. Additionally, pensioners from both tiers of government will receive a one-month arrears payment. Tertiary institutions will also benefit from the clearance of one month’s subvention arrears.


The government has further endorsed several key initiatives, including the provision of a consequential adjustment to minimum wage for state and LG workers at grade levels 14 to 17. Complimentary shuttle bus services for workers and students, as well as the implementation of a 90% CONHESS and 100% Hazard allowance increase for healthcare staff, have been greenlit. Furthermore, the financial benefits accrued from promotions in 2020 and 2021 will be executed for workers.


Mr. Oyebode highlighted that a conditional cash transfer of ₦5000 will be disbursed to the most vulnerable residents across ten thousand households. This aid will continue from the current month until December of this year, with a focus on supporting the elderly population. In addition, plans are in place for the distribution of food to the public, provision of agricultural inputs to farmers, and financial aid to small businesses.


Oyebode explained that the comprehensive palliative measures underscore the Ekiti state government’s commitment to supporting its citizens during this period of transitionr and change.

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