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In a grand display of festivity and camaraderie, the DJ SheaFlickz Wireless Family Hangout Season 3 took place with much fanfare. Members of the connect group gathered at the Louder Lounge, situated within the premises of Tiwan-Tiwa restaurant in Ado Ekiti, clad in stylish Ankara outfits specially chosen for the occasion.

The attendees traveled from various parts of the Southwest, drawn together by their admiration for the event’s convener, Oluwaseun Bayode Williams, a renowned broadcast journalist and an exceptional disc jockey, popularly known as DJ SheaFlickz.


The day commenced with a smooth registration process at the entrance, followed by everyone being warmly ushered to their seats, ready to embrace the excitement that awaited them.

The evening unfolded with a blend of fun and laughter, as members were introduced in a light-hearted and mature manner. The seasoned Masters of Ceremony, Port. Lee, an On-Air Presenter with Voice FM radio station, and the CEO of Dasilver Group, added flair to the event.


Amidst the joyous atmosphere, drinking, dancing, and wig competitions took center stage, captivating all present as they showcased their inner groove.


Speaking with Jiroltv, Mr. Oluwaseun Bayode Williams, the organizer of the family hangout, emphasized that the Wireless Family goes beyond mere enjoyment; its core purpose lies in fostering connections and societal development.


Williams expressed that since the government cannot single-handedly drive the state’s development, all stakeholders must actively contribute. He saw the family hangout as his way of bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to connect, share ideas, and engage in business ventures, ensuring that no one is left behind.


Moreover, he noted that the initiative aligns with the Ekiti State Governor’s agenda of shared prosperity for all. As business relationships among family members flourish, the burden on the government to create jobs would decrease.


The Wireless Family comprises professionals from various fields, united in their endeavor to do business, create employment opportunities, and combat youth restiveness in the state.

Highlighting the event were segments such as the Young CEOs Talk, where young entrepreneurs within the group introduced their businesses for potential networking and collaboration. Additionally, a leading bitters drinks brand, managed by a member of the group, Mrs. Million Santong, the Southwest Head of Operations for the company, was unveiled, with attendees enjoying a sample testing of the bitters.


The event concluded with a joyous group photo session, followed by uninterrupted dancing, with DJ SheaFlickz skillfully controlling the turntables.

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