KNORR JOLLOF FESTIVAL: A Celebration of Good Food and Nigerian Flavors.

Jiroltv Lagos bureau Crew captured the highlights at the knorr jollof festival… Enjoy.

The Knorr Jollof Festival, held on the 23rd of July 2023 at the Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island, Lagos, was a vibrant and exciting event aimed at promoting good eating habits among Nigerians. The festival, organized as part of the ‘Eat For Good’ campaign, sought to introduce healthy, nutritious, and tasty recipes to the public, while also encouraging sustainable eating practices in the country.

The festival celebrated the rich diversity of Nigerian cuisine, with Jollof rice, a beloved national dish, taking center stage. Recognizing the widespread love for Jollof rice, Knorr, Nigeria’s leading seasoning brand, decided to create a special day for Jollof lovers across the country to gather and revel in their shared passion for this iconic dish.

As a company committed to providing top-notch customer service, Knorr ensured that every seasoning consumer felt valued and included. The event featured stands proudly displaying a variety of Knorr seasonings, showcasing the brand’s ingenuity and dedication to meeting the needs of its numerous customers. Knorr’s presence at the event highlighted the company’s mission to put the comfort and health of its customers first, emphasizing that any plate of Jollof made with Knorr seasoning would be a delightful and satisfying experience.

The Knorr Jollof Festival was not just about enjoying delicious meals; it also provided educational value. Expert chefs were present to create and demonstrate delectable Jollof dishes, empowering attendees to bring the magic of Knorr seasoning into their own kitchens. This interactive aspect of the event allowed guests to learn new recipes and cooking techniques while enjoying the flavors they love.

Attendees coming into the venue.

Beyond the culinary delights, the festival offered an array of entertainment, including music, dance competitions, and games. Attendees had the chance to win exciting prizes, such as iPhones, sets of pots, toast machines, microwave ovens, and, of course, plenty of Knorr seasoning.

Anchors of the event:Tobi Bakare and Kaila.

Tobi Bakare, the lead actor of the hit movie “Gangs of Lagos,” and the charismatic Kaila were the charming hosts of the event, adding star power and charisma to the festivities.

Games at the event.
Attendees playing the Ayo Olopon game.
Attendees also showed their prowess at playing the chess game

As a product of Unilever Nigeria Plc, Knorr Cube has established itself as the leading seasoning brand in Nigeria. A recent market survey conducted by MARKETING EDGE revealed that over 60% of consumers in the country prefer Knorr Cube to other seasoning brands, making it the number one choice for enhancing the flavor of their dishes.

Various knorr Unilever stands at the event.

Knorr’s range of seasoning products, available in powder and cube forms, includes flavors such as beef and chicken cubes, as well as classic seasoning powder. Notably, Knorr’s spices are produced without artificial flavors, ensuring a natural and authentic taste in every dish.

Attendees having fun at the event.

The Knorr Jollof Festival was a resounding success, bringing together food enthusiasts and Jollof rice lovers from all over Nigeria.

The event highlighted Knorr’s commitment to delivering quality products and exceptional customer experiences. Through this celebration of good food and Nigerian flavors, Knorr has once again solidified its position as a trailblazer in the Nigerian condiments and seasonings market. So, next time you cook, remember to add the perfect seasoning vibes—the KNORR VIBES.

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