There was commotion earlier today at egbeda axis in Lagos state between an LASMA official with the nickname “Mortuary” and a bus driver with a psoudo name Akin engaged in a scuffle over seat belt.

LASTMA official “Mortuary” in the bus.

According to our Lagos correspondent Kola Olatunji who got Tor the scene few minutes later said the commotion has led to the driver’s bus temporarily impounded by the so called LASMA Official “Mortuary”.

Driver of the bus.

According to the report jiroltv Lagos correspondent got from an eyewitness Mr.Adebayo Omokafe, the driver was stopped while waiting at the bus stop to get passengers on his bus, immediately the LASMA official saw a passenger seat at the front without the seatbelt on even while stationed at the bus stop jumped into the bus and charged the driver for carrying a a passenger without seatbelt on.

This according to Mr.Omokafe led to resistance from the driver, passengers on the bus and passers-by against the LASMA official tagging him as a bad egg in the organization.

Despite all the resistance the bus was eventually impounded at the time of filing this report and many of the passengers were left stranded.

Mr. Omokafe bemoaned the unprofessional actions of the LASMA official who he described as a stain on the LASMA family and called on the agency that such an officer should be reprimanded for such misconduct in the public.

He explained that assuming the driver allowed the passenger on the bus without seatbelt on while on the move then he would have been justified for arresting him but in this case the bus had not moved and he just jumped into the bus and impounded the bus.

Similarly, he called on the Lagos state governor Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu to put workable pallatives in place to cushion the effect of the fuel hike as well as workout a mechanism to caution or punish individuals or groups who are hiding under the fuel hike to inflict more pains on the masses stressing that anyone caught up in such act should be purnished accordingly just as the act put up by the LASMA official “Mortuary”

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