Ekiti Governor’s Monthly Support Program (Ojuse Bao): Beneficiaries share success stories 

....As monitoring, evaluation exercise commence to justify initiative

The office of the Senior Special Assistant, Governor’s office, Mrs Sola Abe has embarked on a detailed monitoring and evaluation exercise to assess the impact of Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji’s “Ojuse Bao” monthly support initiative , the two-week review aims to ensure that the grants and tools provided under the program are being used effectively by recipients.


Launched to boost businesses and improve livelihoods across the state, the “Ojuse Bao” initiative has already received significant acclaim from its beneficiaries. On the first day of the evaluation exercise, participants shared their transformative experiences, highlighting the program’s vital role in their economic empowerment.

Mrs. Ademola Ibukunoluwa, a health assistant and part-time photographer, revealed how the program stabilized her family’s finances. Initially seeking funds for a camera, she instead opted to invest in expanding her inventory of drugs and provisions due to the seasonal nature of photography. “This initiative has filled many financial gaps for us,” she stated, commending the governor for his program’s flexibility and far-reaching impact.

Similarly, Mrs. Oluwayomi Jimoh, a yam flour trader from Iyin Ekiti, recounted how the grant of a complete grinding machine revitalized her struggling business. “The days of low patronage and financial struggles are behind me, thanks to the Ojuse Bao initiative,” she said, noting the significant boost in production and stability since receiving the equipment in March.


Agbelusi Veronica, a baker from Adebayo in Ado Ekiti, also benefited from the initiative, using the funds to acquire essential baking tools such as a deep freezer and display glass. These additions have dramatically increased her business activity and profitability. “Meeting business and personal needs had been difficult, but since the grant, my business returns have soared,” she explained.

For hairstylist Mrs. Ogunmoroti Folashade, the support came in the form of a complete hairdressing kit. Initially skeptical, her doubts about the program were dispelled when she received the tools, enabling her to operate her salon more effectively and support her family.

Her colleague, Mrs. Ogunware Modupe, shared a similar experience. Equipped with modern hairdressing tools like a hairdryer and washing basin, she noted a surge in clients and business growth. “Since receiving the new tools, business has improved dramatically, and my clients even refer new customers to me,” she remarked.


These stories highlight the broad impact of the “Ojuse Bao” initiative, which not only provides immediate financial relief but also encouraged long-term economic growth and self-sufficiency among Ekiti’s residents. As the monitoring and evaluation exercise continues, it emphasises the state’s commitment to ensuring sustainable development and community empowerment through practical support and accountability.

Governor Oyebanji’s program stands as a testament to his administration’s dedication to transforming lives and enhancing the economic prospects of Ekiti’s citizens, reinforcing the state’s leadership in grassroots development and innovation.

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