Olive Grange Foundation Installs Borehole in Baptist Primary School, Igede, Ekiti State to Promote Hygiene

The Olive Grange Foundation (OGF), a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing essential amenities to communities in Ekiti State, has unveiled a newly commissioned borehole water project at Baptist Primary School, Igede, Ekiti State.

Addressing attendees at the commissioning on Wednesday, Dr. Aderonke Oshungbohun, Chairman of OGF and a medical practitioner, emphasized the importance of providing clean water to pupils and maintaining good health among students, teachers, and residents of the town.

“The initiative was prompted by the pressing need for clean water in the community, which was grappling with water scarcity. Beyond addressing the immediate water problem within the school, our aim is to extend access to clean water to neighboring schools, thereby addressing the broader water issue in the school environment across Ekiti State,” Dr. Oshungbohun stated.

One of the pupils also expressed his joy during the interview, stating that he’s happy about the water project because they found it difficult to buy sachet water due to the cost, especially when the water brought from home finishes in school. But with this borehole now, they are happy they can drink water anytime as their houses are not far from the school.

Speaking virtually at the event, Pastor Abiodun Olaitan, Chairman of the Board of Advisory, highlighted the significance of the borehole project for the community, urging them to ensure its sustainability.

Similarly, Moyinoluwa Ogundowole, the organization’s Project Officer, emphasized the importance of providing clean water to the students and stressed the need for the community to maintain the project for long-term benefits.

In an interview, Mrs. Adesuyi Folakemi Christianah, the Head Teacher of the School, expressed her gratitude for the project, noting that it would alleviate the challenges faced by students and community members in accessing clean water, thus promoting better hygiene practices.

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