Ekiti Governor Orchestrates Dual Meeting: Tackling Insecurity,Economic Hardship Head-On

In a concerted effort to address pressing concerns affecting the state, Governor Biodun Oyebanji led a comprehensive meeting involving heads of security agencies, LGA and LCDA chairmen, and key stakeholders.


The dual-pronged meeting focused on devising sustainable strategies to combat insecurity and mitigate economic hardships faced by citizens.

During deliberations on security, Governor Oyebanji emphasized the imperative of collaboration among communities sharing boundaries to enhance intelligence-sharing mechanisms. The meeting proposed the establishment of monitored security council meetings at the grassroots level, ensuring effective utilization of security votes and swift responses to emerging threats via a dedicated toll-free intelligence line.

Transitioning to economic relief efforts, Governor Oyebanji acknowledged the profound impact of years of economic degradation, manifesting in widespread hunger and hardship. Recognizing the pivotal role of LGAs and LCDAs in complementing government initiatives, the governor pledged financial support for procuring and distributing incentives to communities as a resolution of participants at the meeting emphasizing transparent and equitable distribution channels through community development associations.

Furthermore, Governor Oyebanji outlined plans to collaborate with LGAs and LCDAs chairmen to tap into agricultural programs and procure food produced within the state for storage and distribution. The proactive approach aims to alleviate hunger and foster community resilience, with a call for a meeting with critical stakeholders to ensure goods and services do not exacerbate citizens’ hardships.

As the meeting concluded, Governor Oyebanji affirmed his administration’s readiness to implement deliberations reached, urging all stakeholders to fulfill their responsibilities in complementing government efforts to safeguard lives and property. The dual-meeting signifies a proactive approach towards addressing multifaceted challenges, signaling a united commitment to the welfare and prosperity of Ekiti’s citizens.

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