Ekiti State’s Special Adviser Assures Students of Bursaries and Scholarships Amidst Planned Protests. 

In a pledge aimed at calming student concerns, Dr. Mayowa Azeez, the Special Adviser to Governor Biodun Oyebanji on Tertiary Institutions, has provided reassurance to Ekiti state’s tertiary education students.

Speaking with jiroltv in Ado Ekiti Dr.Azeez assured that government is meticulously finalizing payment plans for bursaries and scholarships, with a focus on minimizing any delays.


Dr. Azeez, addressing journalists from his office in Ado Ekiti, emphasized that diligent steps have been taken to expedite the implementation of these plans, ensuring that students’ welfare remains a top priority for the government.

He reflected on Governor Oyebanji’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of all residents of the state. Dr. Azeez highlighted the democratic ethos of this era, in which the government aims to distribute dividends to every sector and demographic, thus promoting an equitable society.


“Governor Oyebanji is a promise keeper, dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of our youth. Empowerment programs hold a paramount position in his agenda, and this time it will be transformative for our student community,” Dr. Azeez affirmed.


The Associate Professor of Industrial Chemistry at Ekiti State University revealed ongoing efforts to engage with various student leadership bodies. These discussions, involving groups such as the Federation of Ekiti State Students Union (FESSU) and the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) JCC Ekiti Axis, aim to bridge any gaps in understanding and improve the standards of tertiary education institutions in the state.


Addressing the impending protest by the Federated Ekiti State Student Unions, Dr. Azeez acknowledged Governor Oyebanji’s willingness to listen to student demands and urged them to channel their grievances through constructive means. He highlighted the governor’s respect for human rights and affirmed that the release of bursaries is in progress, with tangible assistance already extended to 187 law students.t


Dr. Azeez reassured that the government’s commitment to safeguarding lives, nurturing human capital development through education, and maintaining a secure environment remains sacrosanct.


He assured students of his dedication to fostering a disruption-free academic calendar and encouraged them to be law-abiding, while emphasizing the government’s substantial and growing investment in their present and future.


As the government works toward the successful implementation of its promises, Dr. Azeez’s commitment to student welfare remains steadfast, and Ekiti’s students can look forward to a brighter educational future.

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