NYCN EKITI CHAPTER: I REMAIN AUTHENTIC CHAIRMAN-BANKOLE OLUWASEGUN he clarify his Leadership Status Amidst Dissolution Claims.

In a formal statement released today, Bankole James Oluwasegun, the elected Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) EKiti State Chapter, addressed recent assertions of a council dissolution by certain member organizations. Emphatically asserting his continued position, Oluwasegun clarified that he remains the legitimate and duly-elected leader of the council, endowed with the full authority to fulfill his role.


The statement also called upon the public to exercise caution and refrain from engaging in any transactions involving Mr. Segun Famuyibo Nathaniel. Oluwasegun emphasized that any invitations to events or calls for nominations under the banner of NYCN EKiti State attributed to Nathaniel should be disregarded, as he has been identified as an impostor lacking the rightful authority to represent the council within the state.


Oluwasegun expressed gratitude to the EKiti community for their unwavering support of NYCN and youth development initiatives. He reasserted the commitment of NYCN to fostering the growth and advancement of youth at all levels in the state. The Chairman concluded by extending gratitude and invoking blessings upon the community.


For inquiries, contact:

Office of Bankole James Oluwasegun

Chairman, NYCN EKiti State Chapter


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